Friday, August 14, 2009

i do believe.

that it has been way too long since i last posted a blog.
what reason has there been to though?
things have been nuts. in both good and bad ways.
i've been spending almost everyday up damn butterfield canyon with slack and cody and doughboy.
watching the meteor shower. starting fires etc etc.

I'm trying so hard to focus on my packets. and ughh its so difficult to concentrate when there are much better things to watch on tv.
but i must graduate. i must must must must. i have way too many people coming for my graduation to not graduate. and if i didn't. i dont know what i would do with myself.

so um. mady is at boarding school. havent talked to her in over a month. its weird. but i think after spending 3 weeks living with her. our friendship kinda fell apart. i just wish i knew how to get ahold of her so i can tell her how much she still means to me.

i've got my new school schedule =]

french AP
humanities 1100 (pretty much art history)
us gov. (with the coolest teacher in the world! MR. WALKER =])
english 12 CP
auto 1
adv. interior design.

and that is just first semester haha i still have 2 holes in my second semester schedule. so we will see just how much more difficult it can get. this year should be interesting. i dont know what is going to happen with all my friends that i've been hanging out with cause all of them are older and have graduated. =/ i'm sure it will be fine though. once i have a car and all. which i believe tonight slack and i found the perfect car for me =] 2003 mitsubishi eclipse. its a pearly white. and it's automatic. thank god haha. i love slack he's so funny. first we went to the gas station to get drinks and food. then we cruised around for a little bit and then i mentioned having to go look at cars within the next few weeks and we just went straight over to the used car lots down on 10600S. and we walked around. opened up all the cash for clunkers cars and looked at all the kinds of shit that people just left in them. then we were walking by these really cool balloons which are really just like beach balls attached to polls and we tried to get one off but we couldnt. then we noticed a blue one on the ground. slack got it before i did. but as we started walking back to the car (after i got nailed in the face with the sprinklers) i noticed a shiny raspberry colored one pretty close to the car so i booked it grabbed it and ran back to the car. we put them in the trunk and drove off =] i love the adventures my friends and i have =]].

i go back to the hospital for another MRI on the 25th. wish me luck ok?

people you've been before that you don't want around anymore
that push and shove and won't bend to your will
...i'll keep them still...