Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"You've got a cute way of talking. You've got the better of me,

just snap you're fingers and i'm walking like a dog hangin on your knee
you make me feel like dancin"

Today i only went to one real class.
I went to Shakespeare.
Psychology- we went to sterling scholars assembly
Sociology- Being French club VP i got excused from 3rd so i could spend all 3 lunches running the ring toss and doing jack shit =] we made $73.25 which is a lot better than what some clubs have made. and right before 3rd lunch none other than my cowboy walks up and asks what im up to and tell him. it's $0.25 for one try $0.75 for 3 and for $1 you get 7 tries. well all he had was $0.20 so i told him i'd spot him a nickel. ok and just so you know this ring toss is not easy. it looks easy but it really isn't. he got one ring and made it. i just about pissed my pants. haha i love that kid and then he left his binder on top of the garbage can thing by the lunch tables and we couldnt find it and then half way through 3rd lunch i found it and i had an excuse to go to cowboy corner and see him =]]]
History- So i knew i was gonna be late to this class cause i had to help clean up the ring toss thing. and i had to count the money so on and so forth. so i went to brinton's class and that is right near my cowboy and my frenchie (florian) and my friend natalies spanish class is. so i stalled as long as i possibly could and eventually brinton told me that i didnt have to go to history and that i could just sit through the french 1 class. man i miss it when a french class was that easy haha. and then i was texting cowboy most of the period. =]]] then right before the bell rang i walked in front of their classroom. and natalie told me to come wait in the class for the bell so i did. MERRRRR HE IS SO DAMN CUTE =]
i dont wanna think or talk about anything else right now.
even though there is so much more to tell
but to tell you the truth none of it is really positive. =/
and i want my mady. i miss her.
fuck young womens.
she needs to be here
and i know she would be if her mom hadn't made her go =[

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艾米 said...

I'm sorry that you don't already have it. :[

But yeah, let's go searching. It's somewhere. I know it.