Sunday, June 7, 2009

I will never be afraid again.

I will keep on fighting 'till the end.
I can water walk on water, I can fly.
I will keep on fighting 'till I die

Sooo. it's been way too long since i posted.
I've been going through a massive manic/depressive period. i never know how i'm going to feel.
since i last posted. on my birthday haha.
i had a bonfire for my birthday. haha pretty much everyone was either tripping on shrooms or stoned. with the exception of my cowboy friends. they just sat there and ate the pizza =] it was pretty damn chill. i received two cartons of camel filters. which i have promptly fully used up.
then like for the last month or so i have gotten really close to my friend Tim <33 love him to death he is like my big brother =] him and cody =] after hanging out everyday for the last month Tim left for Iowa for a few weeks and i probably won't see him till i come back from cali =[ it's gonna be hell to not see my big brother for that long =[ and cody is in cali currently san diego area. but he'll be back friday. and then i leave for cali on Saturday =]] yayzorss California Summer for exactly 3 weeks =] I'm going to be living with my dad the entire time though =[ and i still hate my dad. but i didnt know of any other place that would accommodate me aaand my bestie mady for 3 weeks. ol'well. just have to be more careful about who sees me doing what.
pluss i get to drive the beast haha. it shall be an adventure =]

ughh so many make up credits that i have to finish this summer =[ sadnessesssesss. i'll be able to do though =] i believe in myself. today haha

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