Tuesday, December 29, 2009

so it all started with...

chubaka. yes chubaka. i liked chubaka and through my attempts to get chubaka i fell for padme. chubaka and padme had a thing going on and i fell for both of them. at first it was just physical attraction. by the way both chubaka and padme are older than me. by a lot. in their twenties but still quite a bit older. i was hoping maybe to just spend time with both of them. that nots how it went. chubaka didnt want anything to do with me because of my age. but padme still wanted me. about a week or two went by and padme and i got much much closer. we spent a weekend together. after the weekend she stopped talking to me. i didnt know what i had done. turns out padme is in love with chubaka. here's the thing though. chubaka is moving away. far away. states away. and chubaka is a loner type. i know she is going to get hurt. i dont want to have to pick up the pieces of pretty padme but if i have to i will. but who is going to pick up the pieces of me until then?

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