Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear Cowboy....Again.

when i look at you i get butterflies.
when you laugh it makes makes me smile and i cant stop
when you text me i jump up and down
you are so cute
so handsome
so funny
so fantastic.
you and your rodeo hats and your broken bones.
on another note. (completely different person) reid im sorry that you are a fucking asshole and that now you think im a bitch cause im sick of it. you were sweet until you saw that i liked zac more. at least zac can take it like a man and not be fucking posessive over a girl he had just met. and im not either of yours i like my cowboy and im fine with that. and i like shawn too. and then i still love jordan. but i feel the need to take a long break from that for now...
it needs to be tuesday.
or at least monday. i can walk florian to class and see you cowboy.
i hope.

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