Friday, November 7, 2008

your not sure that you love me

but your not sure enough to let me go
baby it aint fair ya know
to just keep me hanging round
you say you dont wanna hurt me
dont wanna see my tears
so why are you still standing just watchin me drown.

i never thought those lyrics would apply. not to me but to him. he doesnt know but they do.

i know i love you.
i really do.
i love you more than anyone i've ever met in my entire life.

but how do you know a relationship will really work if you arent around them more often than a week every 3 month or so. relationships are supposed to seeing each other everyday for the rest of your lives. how do i know i could do that? i dont. what if i am wasting my high school years away. i suppose there are a million what if's in this world. but im so confused. i dont know what to say to him. i really dont.

im fucking confused.
i need to talk to cooper.

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