Sunday, October 26, 2008

"take this and make it something beautiful again."-acceptance

So tonight i went to the avalon with kasi and her friends tom and tyler. we saw norma jean, haste the day, children 183, oh sleeping, and mychildren mybride. it was fantastic. i manipulated tyler in less than 5 hours and by the end of the night he tried to get into my pants. haha yeah fuckin right i'd lethim do that. i may be a flirt but im no a whore. he was a cool guy though. and so for one of the bands we were in the pit and all the sudden the pit moved to the side for like 30 sec. we didnt think too much about it and even when we saw a guy with his 1 1/2 in gage ripped out of his ear we didnt think about it. but when we were in the car getting ready to leave all the sudden you hear a smash and the kid with the ripped ear has a bat and is hitting the car of the guy who ripped it. he smashed the window in and started fucking up the guy in the passngers seat. the driver fucking peels out backwards and smashes into Kasi's car (which is her G-ma's not hers) and then tries to get out and he cant and then the guy with the bat comes back and keeps smashing their car then they peel out into the middle ofthe street and BTFO. leaving Kas and tom and ty and i with a hit and run. kas was freaking the fuck out. the guy wth the bat, well i dont even know how he got away but he did. all 4 of us were so shook up. in the end the only damage was a bent in license plate and a couple of scratches on the front bumper. but kasi wasnt supposed to drive the car to the avalon only to tom's house and when she called her gma to tell her she started screaming nd yelling at kas. it was horrible to see her cry. i dont know whats gonna happen to kas when she gets home. im scared for her. it was a pretty scary experience.

damn, but for some reason it was so fucking cool. in a really fucked up way

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