Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poisson D'avril.

oh fantasticness of french club =]
for the wonderful april fish day we played a game of gotcha all around the school...during school.
it was crazy.
there were four teams. and you were only allowed to get people during lunch or passing periods.
it was crazy to say the least. if you think moorpark was crowded you are insane because bingham is at least 3 times more crowded. I got fished 6 times.... and i attemped to chase after both abbey and erica. it sucked. im not a runner oh and i got chased into my Quantitative analysis class by kabrina. im suprised i didnt trip over all of the desks but i got fished by her. it was intersting and i got a lot of exercise hahahahah. and first prize was a baskin robbins cake that i designed with mady's help. and we gave up on trying to figure out who the winner was so we all just shared the cake (with fishie decorations) and the swedish fish and the goldfish crackers and we had a bon poisson d'avril fete! and to add to the entertainment poor sick nicolas bennett was there with me like the entire time. poor kid needs some sleep but he had work. =[ sad day for nickface.

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