Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've got a thing for you

You've got a thing for me
You've got my mind made up
You've got my heart you know

YAY for pulling myself out of the academic hole! and YAY for having amazing teachers! I'm relaly sad that Titus is leaving soon...He was such a bomb teacher...and YAY for finally getting my parking permit for the school! I can drive to school now! I've also signed up for my senior classes =]]]

  • French 1010/AP
  • English 12 CP (w/ Harper)
  • Debate 1
  • Adv. Interior Design
  • College Prep Math
  • US Govt (w/ Walker)/ PST whatever the fuck it is. it's something to make up my missing PE credit
  • Drafting 1/ Drafting 2
  • Adv. Marketing/Astronomy
So i'm contented. I love all those classes but im sad that my GPA isnt good enough to be Walker's TA =[ Wayy sad.

I'm taking classes online so that i dont have to do summer school. but i'll still have debate camp in july so cali is gonna be in june. probably later june. but yeah back to online classes. I'm taking English 9 qtr 3&4 and Algebra 1 qtr 1&2. at the moment but im going to sign up for all four qtrs of Algebra 2 and then probably all four qtrs of french 1 just to review. and i still need to take 2nd qtr english 10. EHS has saved my life. no one has any idea

i'm kinda sad because im realizing how little mady tells me. i tell her everything and she tells me nothing. i want to know about her but she wont let me. we are best friends. why cant she say anything to me? what can i do to help her open up? i just feel useless and uninformed.

My brother may have found a job for me. I hope so. Jut a small shit job until May 18th when i turn 17 and can finally work at the buckle. nicole can get me a job if i just fucking turn 17 already.

tyler has been texting and calling. what part of no doesnt he understand? he is seeming so stalkerish and creepy. i hate it.

i had a very intelligent conversation with Stephanie Horrocks and Hillary Wilcocks in Us History today. I didnt know how truely fucked up hillary was but maybe its just a curse of being a hilary haha

Well i better go do some of my online homework.
comments welcome.

i miss you guys. especially brooke at this very moment.

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