Sunday, February 22, 2009

Whenever You Get This Way,

Just getting up for the let down,
Mmm here they come and YES they're here to stay
Just getting up for the let down

Oh I'm here to say that you're the star you wanna be
Just open up and look inside and you will see

I give up on not blogging. i dont give a shit who sees anymore. or what they say about me. i dont care.

California was amazing. no pictures though =/. lots of drugs and alcohol and sex. fun fun fun stuff i must say and im hoping that when i come back for summer vaca that it will be just as fun i missed stephi and samara and cooper and blake and everyone else i randomly saw in the process of seeing everyone else. i cant say i missed ryan haha cause i had never met him but now i miss him and everyone else previously mentioned.
but as much fun as it was, now im fucked in school. im literally failing every class and i have many NG's to make up. Attendance School and Summer School here i come....

God help me..


Red Ryan said...

Things will work out =] I know they will, just apply yourself and believe in your abilities. You can totally put things back together.

Anonymous said...

I totally have faith in you baby.
If you need anything, I'm here!

Brooke! said...

i miss you already!