Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Lot Of Tempest In A Pot Of Tea...

i really hate the original broadway cast of oklahoma. so fake. but i couldnt find the london cast. =/
so now i switched to listening to J Holiday. fun fun

so yeahh. if people thought my relationship with jordan was bad they should meet natalie and alex. natalie is like one of my best friends and well she cant get over alex and im scared that if she doesnt let go the relationship will get violent. he treats her like shit 24/7. she doent even know why she loves him. i asked her to give me a couple reasons why she loves him and she couldnt even give me one. at least i can find a few logical reasons why i love jordan...i dont know im just worried about her.


yay!! i missed her and now we can hang out a lot more <33 i love madison jill smith

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