Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today ah lovely today

I saw this yesterday on livejournal secret and im like. hmm. maybe that is just what i need. and guess what! i had an awesome day today!! =]=]=]=] overall it was a good day but the best part was when i went to visit mady at work. a lot of throwing people in the freezer and turning the lights on and off. the most spectacular of these events was when nick shut mady in the freezer. and just to tell you mady i scared of the dark haha. so im flipping the lights on and off and she is freaking out so then i go inside to console her because she is scared out of her mind. i knew he was going to shut us in there and he did haha he started flipping on and off the lights and mady recommenced her freaking out and so i tried opening the door and he was blocking it so then i promptly started making moaning noises and telling mady to "stop it that tickles" nick automatically opens the door haha and we ambush him. thats only the half of it. but im tired and i dont want to type. but today was a great day. i needed it. <3333


Anonymous said...

What is your blogger email?

Hilamonster said...

why? its not on private anymore

Anonymous said...

No but mine is.