Tuesday, March 10, 2009

marionette dangling on the strings of someone elses every day

ummm. ok.

mady and i are in a bit of a rough patch hopefully it smooths out. i dont know. she is sick of me there is no way around it. maybe she just needs her space. im sure she does.

natalie came over tonight. it was nice. i missed her. her and i are very alike.

nick is amazing. love love love him to death. mady tells him more than she tells me... it hurts like fuck. but whatever. haha nick and i were talking about how perfect we are for each other and like it sucks that we just barely got so close cause now we are both in complicated relationship type things yesterday. it was a very interesting conversation.

i have a story to write. its about a girl. who overdoes on a park bench and dreams that she is like back in marie antoinettes era. yeahhh

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