Sunday, January 25, 2009

in the sea there is a fish, a fish that has a secret wish, a wish to be a big cactus

with a pink flower on it
And the flower
Would be its offering

Of love to the desert.

And the desert,

So dry and lonely,

That the critters all
Appreciate the effort

Et le jackalope a dit

Je voudrais ĂȘtre un yeti

Pour voler dans la nuit

Et m'en aller loin d'ici

Mais le yeti a dit
Je voudrais ĂȘtre un monstre marin

Pour pouvoir rentrer dans la mer

De tous les requins

i love juno
ive had multiple comments about the similarities in our personalities lol
......I wish i were more like her.
or at least i wish i looked like ellen page. shes gorgeous
i think im in love

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