Monday, January 26, 2009

So close your eyes and sleep to dream.

I'm by your side.
No words to speak.
We'll set our course and make it through.
No matter how far I go my heart remains with you.

And I'm not sure what I'm looking for.
But it's clear to see the purpose of my existence
Is laying here in front of me.
So close your eyes and sleep to dream.
I'm by your side.
No words to speak.
We'll set our course and make it through.
No matter how far I go

And if all else fails you can look up at the sky
Because it's the same one that shines above you and I.
And if all else fails you can close your eyes
And I'll be right beside you.
I'll be the one by your side

Some songs are just too perfect for how you feel.

im supposed to be writing my essay
but i dont wanna.... *stamps feet and throws a hissy fit*
im just kidding. im a mature 16 year old i wouldnt do thatttt

next two weeks need to go by fast.
everything i want is waiting for me in lovely southern california.
ryan and stephi and cooper and molly and just everything.
i want to come back for good.
but as magical as it would be.
i couldnt live with my dad.
i could technically move back.
but its not worth it if i have to live with keenan.
i couldnt do it
i would go insane

ive told a couple people this. that my one really big problem with moving was that now graduating is just a ceremony to tell me that i didnt fail. if i hadnt moved. it would be more of an accomplishment. it would mean so much more to me. i want to graduate with the people i grew up with my entire life. the people that have seen me through all my awkward stages and all my ridiculous moments. ever since my brother graduated moorpark its always been like just something engraved in my mind. "follow in tory's footsteps. he knows what he's doing" to graduate moorpark high school was alwasy a kind of expectation and now that its gone. graduating really doesnt mean anything to me. graduating isnt supposed to just mean "hey look you got good grades hurray" its a celebration of making it through all the shit. all the years. all the little fights with your best friends all the broken hearts and all the anxiety of trying to get good grades on top of that. and i mean yeah im going through that here at bingham but it just feels like half of it is missing. ya know?

god damn it everyone in utah is getting married. first it was melody then it was my cousin maren and now shanna is getting married. jeezzzz how many weddings can one girl go to in a season? im not complaining though =] i like getting all dressed up and take lots of pictures =]

oh oh oh and my friend dani from eighth grade had a freaking baby! she is what 17? but she looks happy and her baby is absolutely gorgeous.

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艾米 said...

I really like reading your blog.


How are you? I'm sad that I wont be in moorpark by the time you come home.