Friday, January 30, 2009

i've decided

i have no life.........

tyler has officially moved back in with his dad and stepmom in tooele. i feel kinda bad that i was so happy. but then i also realized that my social life has gone down the toilet since i was sick. and im kinda really sad that mady is being a master-debater (masturbater) all this weekend. maybe i should join debate next year? i dunnoo. i dont think i could deal with carol as a coach.

oh and i just spent forever watching the videos of allie and kellen. cause it was ridiculously funny and i really have nothing better to do. so yeah. i have no lifee.

its pretty much 11 days till i come home for 6 days. =] im happy happy happy. lots of fun things. lots of lovin.

ok back to tyler. he just called to tell me he's lonely. i feel bad cause i dont care. he went from being way chill to way obsessive and clingy and i hate it. hate it hate it hate it.

and i really like my profile song on myspace. go check it out. its not all in spanish i promise although a lot of it is but its good =]it makes me wanna dance with a boy.

i think im done for now. sleepy times? i think sooo.
still havent written my history essay or read my 8 chapters in Frankenstein or in the scarlet letter or any of the fantastical things i should have done with my day off of life today

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